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Traveling Exhibition

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Flame Cutting, Press Forge # 2
Blast Furnace Row
Tapping A Heat, Blast Furnace "E"
Hot Coil transfer, 13" Bar Mill
Ingot Teeming, BOF
Testing A Heat, BOF
High Steel, NYC
Hot Saw, 48" (Grey) Mill
Z-Pile, Combo Mill Cooling Bed
Grey Mill Pulpit
Sand Blasting, Hoboken Yard
Wide Flange Beams Cooling
I-Beam (book jacket image)
Sink Head Removal, Press Forge # 2
Flame Scarfing, Press Forge # 2
Blue Rolls, Forge Specialty
Gashed Rotor Shaft, Machine Shop # 8
Frozen Rolls, Treatment
Water Quenching, Treatment
Jaws, Press Forge # 2
Air Quenching, Treatment
Hydraulic Cylinder, Machine Shop # 2
Ladle Hook
Blast Furnace inferno
Forged Mine Roof Bolts
Casting Iron Foundry 2
Vertical Lathe, Machine Shop # 8
Casting in Iron Foundry
Private collections
Library of Congress Collection
Library of Congress, College & Private collections
Private Collection
Library of Congress & College Collections
Library of Congress Collection
Private collection
Library of Congress Collection
Library of Congress & Private Collections
College Collection
Library of Congress Collection
Private Collections
Notes: Prints are digitally made with archival pigments on 300 gsm archival Museo Silver Rag paper (conforms to Library of Congress standards) by the photographer's studio. Total edition of 55 printes, numbered & signed verso. Watermark is not on exhibit prints. Mats are 8 ply archival. Glazing is acrylic.
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