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Flame Cutting, Press Forge # 2
Blast Furnace Row
Tapping A Heat, Blast Furnace "E"
Hot Coil transfer, 13" Bar Mill
Ingot Teeming, BOF
Testing A Heat, BOF
High Steel, NYC
Hot Saw, 48" (Grey) Mill
Z-Pile, Combo Mill Cooling Bed
Grey Mill Pulpit
Sand Blasting, Hoboken Yard
Wide Flange Beams Cooling
I-Beam (book jacket image)
Sink Head Removal, Press Forge # 2
Flame Scarfing, Press Forge # 2
Blue Rolls, Forge Specialty
Gashed Rotor Shaft, Machine Shop # 8
Frozen Rolls, Treatment
Water Quenching, Treatment
Jaws, Press Forge # 2
Air Quenching, Treatment
Hydraulic Cylinder, Machine Shop # 2
Ladle Hook
Blast Furnace inferno
Forged Mine Roof Bolts
Casting Iron Foundry 2
Vertical Lathe, Machine Shop # 8
Casting in Iron Foundry
Notes: Prints are digitally made with archival pigments on 250 gsm archival Crane Silver Rag paper by the photographer's studio. Watermark is not on exhibit prints. Mats are 8 ply archival. Glazing is acrylic.
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